By asimplerambutan

May 2, 2010

Category: 2010


They made my day. :]


6 Responses to “flowers”


  2. Please do a survey of that and tell me how many men *actually know that

  3. i did not know what colors mean what, but i did know different colors mean different things.
    Soooooooo sappy! 😛 “go home and blog about it”

  4. That’s how I immortalized the flowers, by bloggin’ ;]

    For the record, I asked him if he knew what yellow meant and he said no, lol.
    I actually prefer yellow to red, I think!

    Lazy Sundays on Saturday this week, friends?

  5. how does carmen get a user pic on her comments?
    i can do saturday. i only got to do a bit of work sometime between 7-9. so i just have to be home or near an internet connection.

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